5 Top Reasons Why Good Copywriting Results in Business Growth

5 Top Reasons Why Good Copywriting Results in Business Growth

The term “copy” is well-known in the advertising business. It refers to the words and visuals that ad pros create and publish to promote their business clients. 
But times have certainly changed. Now that most businesses have an online presence, and consumers have become far “smarter,” copywriting has significantly changed. 
One of the biggest changes is the sheer number of platforms and channels to engage target audiences – websites, blogs, social media, email, and even direct advertising. Another big factor has been the technology that allows deep research into consumers – their values, where they hang out online, their needs, their purchasing behaviors, etc. These two things allow businesses to combine art and science as they target and appeal to their targets. And they drive what copywriters create. 
Businesses that engage in high-quality copywriting in all the appropriate channels realize growth. Businesses that do not are “left in the dust.” 
Here are five reasons why solid copywriting results in business growth.

1. Good Copywriting Builds a Brand Image Across All Channels

Consider for a moment the difference between the brand image of Rolex and Red Bull. Their target audiences are completely different, as is the copy (text, visuals, and media) that should be produced for each of them. A good copywriter does the right research on your niche, your competition, and your target audience. From there, they will craft copy in a tone and style that makes your brand voice consistent and engages your target audience.

2. Good Copywriters Produce a Balance

Once they understand your customer demographic, a good copywriter will be able to balance copy among the following:

  • Education and information: This is the stuff which the website content and blog posts are made of. Consumers want more than just your product or service information - they want information about the industry as a whole. Consider a real estate website, for example. Consumers want information about the market in general - they want to know how to prep their homes and yards for putting them on the market, about interest rates, potential lenders, etc. These facts a good website and blog can provide them with.
  • Entertainment: Every audience has a sense of humor and enjoys being entertained. When copywriters understand a target audience’s sense of humor, they can create entertaining content on social media that will engage, attract, and cause followers to share it.  
  • Inspiration: When copywriters understand the values of their audiences, they can craft content that will inspire them. This is the reason why many businesses support causes that are meaningful to their audiences.
  • Value: Copywriters take advantage of the gap between where a consumer is and where a consumer would like to be. This is also called a “pain point.” They generate content that shows how a business product or service can fill that gap and get the consumer to where they would like to be.

3. Good Copywriters Keep It Simple

Copywriting today means simplicity in text and video/media. Consumers are busy, on the go, and often on their mobile devices. They do not have time to read content that uses a sophisticated vocabulary, complicated sentence structures, and such. Getting the message across simply and quickly takes creativity, and an understanding of two things: one, content should be at about the 7th-8th grade reading levels, and, two, the use of visuals and media must substitute for text whenever possible.

4. Good Copywriters Promote the Uniqueness of a Product or Service

There is fierce competition in every industry. For a product or service to be more attractive to potential customers, it must show that it is unique and provides greater value than those of the competition. Good copywriting will find this uniqueness and craft content that demonstrates it.

5. Good Copywriting Grabs a Reader From the Get-Go

Great journalism is at work here. Copywriters understand that if consumers are to engage with their content, they must engage at the onset. Headlines and initial sentences (or visuals/videos) must capture and/or intrigue a person so that they will want to continue engaging with the content that follows. This is why good copywriters spend a great deal of time on headlines and introductory content.

These Five…

When copywriting provides these five things to businesses, companies see their target audience and their following grow. And with that larger audience comes more sales. None of the copywriting activities we described are focused on driving hard sales. Rather, they involve establishing a consistent brand voice, relationships and trust, and a focus on providing value, as these are the things that persuade consumers today.