Cookie Policy

Use of Cookies on Our Website

We want your experiences on Inscribe.live to be absolutely satisfactory. When you arrive on our website, your device will receive a ‘cookie’ from our web server. This is a file that is placed on your device and contains information to help us optimize your experience. When our website ‘remembers’ who you are, or what your last purchase was, that’s due to our use of cookies.

If you click on a link to an external website from our site, that third party might also send a cookie to your device. However, we do not control any use of cookies by third parties.

A stand-alone cookie does not collect or store identifying information. Instead, they allow your browser to be recognizable. The only way for us to gather any identifying data about you is if you provide it voluntarily. This may be done by creating a customer account, submitting information for a special offer, or corresponding with us.

A session cookie only lasts as long as your current internet session. When you exit out of your browser or clear your device’s browsing data, these cookies are eliminated.

A persistent cookie remains on your device even after you close out of an internet session or restart your device.

Inscribe.live uses session cookies to know who you are when you are logged into your account. We can use this information to easily process any requests or inquiries and to process transactions. These cookies are also used to ensure that you are the person that is logged in.

We use persistent cookies with significant caution. We do not use them to store passwords or account numbers.

Users have the option to disable or delete cookies. In this case, they may be able to continue using our website. However, they will not be able to use our services effectively. This is because these cookies are used specifically for the purpose of providing you with safe, expedited, and efficient services.

How we Use Collected Data

We collect information from you to effectively provide services to our end-users and customers. We also use this data to market our products and services, to improve our employment recruiting, and to make our website better.

Here are the different ways in which we use the data we collect.

Customer Data:

  • To provide services based on projects you submit.

  • To create a business or customer account on our system.

  • To share information with you regarding active products.

  • To properly bill you and receive payment.

Users of Our Website:

  • To effectively manage and improve website usability, and to monitor internal operations. This includes analysis of data, surveying, troubleshooting issues, research, and statistical purposes.

  • To provide updated and effective website security.

  • To determine whether any ads we serve are relevant and effective.

  • To recommend relevant products and services to website users.

Contractors And Content Providers

  • To facilitate the fulfillment of any contractual information on your behalf or ours. This includes allowing you to have access to secured information and services.

  • To engage with you about projects assigned to you.

  • To ensure safe and efficient delivery of your services and products to us.

Sharing Your Information With 3rd Parties

We work with a variety of contractors, vendors, and business associates. It is through these partnerships that we are able to serve customers effectively. Some of these partners are our website hosting provider and members IT service teams.

We may use service providers and contractors to manage and monitor our website, or to provide our customers with services on our behalf. To do this, we may provide personal information of yours to these third parties.

If we buy or sell business assets, we may provide your personal information to the party that has purchased that asset. The same is true if our assets are otherwise acquired by a third party. We will also share your data if we are legally compelled to do so. This includes any situation in which sharing your information is done for the purpose of protecting our assets, customers, and others from liability and risk.

Storing Data

Data Location

The data we collect may be stored in the United States, Europe, or Canada. It may also be transmitted among these locations and others. You may contact our support team for information on the methods we use to secure this data regardless of where it is stored or transmitted.

Retention Of Data

The length of time we retain information is determined by the type of data, and our usage of that information. In general, we retain your information until we are no longer obligated to retain it, or we are no longer permitted to retain it.