Terms of Use

These terms and conditions apply to anyone who uses our services. When you submit a project with Inscribe.live, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please take the time to review these as they reflect a legal agreement between you and Inscribe.live. Further, in this document, any language referring to the customer applies to you.

Inscribe.live is a content creation service. We are referred to in this document as us or we. The services that we provide are described in detail on our home page and our services pages. Content creation may be described in this document as products or services. The content that we produce may be referred to as products, web pages, documents, etc. 

The terms and conditions described here detail the sum of your agreement with us. It also applies to visitors and those making inquiries. This document contains important details as well as limitations that apply to warranties and representations made. They also set conditions on remedies and liabilities that exist. You are encouraged to read this before using these services. If you use the site or submit a project, you are indicating that you have read this document, understand these terms, and agree to be bound by them. If you are a representative or agent of another entity or individual, you affirm that you are authorized to accept the agreement on their behalf, that you have authority to bind them to this agreement, and that they have the power to enter into this agreement and meet any of their obligations therein. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you are not to use this site, its content, or any of the services offered,


Please review the following definitions for clarity. The following terms are used in this document, and these definitions are intended to ensure full understanding.

Content is any document, recording, image or other output delivered to the customer via the service.

Affiliate is any entity in direct or indirect control, or that is controlled by the subject entity. Control refers to direct or indirect ownership of a majority of the voting interests of the entity.

Customer Data is any information or electronic data submitted by the customer and/or those who use the service on their behalf.

Malicious code is any viruses, trojan horses, malware, ransomware, or other harmful scripts, programs, files, or code.

Fee refers to any costs paid by the customer to receive services and access final products,

User is an individual or authorized entity/representative who uses this service. They are defined by the existence of an active user account with a password that has been created directly by the customer or by Inscribe.live at the direction of the customer.

Term is a rule, limitation, obligation, or that applies to any party to this agreement.

Obtaining And Using The Service

Inscribe.live makes the service available for the use of the customer conditioned by the terms described here, their entry into an agreement, and payment of any fees. Access to services and products are limited according to any restrictions, conditions, or limitations described here or in the order form.

User Accounts

A user account is created for use by authorized users and their representatives only. These accounts may not be shared, reassigned, or transferred

Content Providers And Content

Inscribe.live contracts with independent content providers to develop content ordered by customers. These content providers are contractually obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the customer as well as any information they may obtain from Inscribe.live. Any content or other information provided to a third party content provider is offered solely for the purpose of enabling the content provider to complete the work they are contracted to perform. All reasonable efforts are made to contract with reputable content providers. However, all content is offered on an ‘as is’ basis. Inscribe.live offers no warranties, representations, or guarantees regarding that content, its suitability, accuracy, originality, or non-infringement.

At our discretion, we may use a plagiarism verification tool (e.g. Copyscape) to help identify IP infringement or plagiarism by content creators. However, we are not obligated to do so. We accept no responsibility for any infringement or violation of copyrights or IP rights against any party. The customer is solely responsible for reviewing all content and approving it prior to publishing it or using it in any way. Inscribe.live accepts no responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use of content. This includes the obligation to pay royalties, claims of plagiarism, or other legal actions.


The customer is responsible for any activities or actions that are undertaken within their user accounts, and for their compliance to the terms of this agreement. The customer is fully responsible for the accuracy, reliability, legality, quality, and integrity of all of their customer data. They must make all reasonable effort to prevent unauthorized access to account or use of services through their account. They must also immediately inform Inscribe.live of any unauthorized use or access to their customer information or our services. They must comply with any federal, state, local, provincial, or foreign laws that apply to their use of services.

Use Guidelines

The customer will not sell, rent, lease, assign, transfer, distribute, or otherwise make services available to third parties. They will not use the service to violate laws, distribute spam, or otherwise send duplicitous or unsolicited messages that are in violation of the law. They shall not use the service to distribute or store content that is obscene, threatening, libelous, infringing, or unlawful in any way. This includes any content that violates privacy rights of third parties, or is harmful to children. They may not use the service as a means to store or distribute malicious code, interfere or attempt to interfere with or disrupt the service or its data, or attempt to gain unauthorized access to data, the service, its systems, or its networks.


Neither the customer or us is authorized to issue a press release relating to this agreement or the existence of any business relationship without the written consent of the other. Both the customer and Inscribe.live may include the other’s name, logo, and tagline in lists of their customers, vendors, and partners, This must be in compliance with the other party’s guidelines or media kits.

Payments And Fees

For their receipt of services, the customer will pay Inscribe.live according to the terms of their project.

Invoices And Payment

Service fees will be invoiced in advance. Unless stated otherwise, all charges are due and payable immediately according to the date of the invoice. The customer is responsible for ensuring they maintain accurate billing and contact information.


Unless we state otherwise, our fees do not include any state, local, federal, provincial, or other taxes, levies, duties, or other financial obligations. This includes but is not limited to sales tax, VAT, goods and services, or withholding. These are further referred to as Taxes. The customer is responsible for knowing which taxes they are obligated to pay, and meeting their obligations. The exceptions to this are any taxes that result from Inscribe.live’s property, assets, or income. In the event that we are obligated to pay or collect taxes on behalf of the customer, we will invoice the customer for this amount directly. The customer may provide us with a certificate of tax exemption that has been issued by a recognized taxing authority or government entity.


Inscribe.live reserves the right to use any technology and capabilities within our means to monitor customers’ use of this service, and to ensure compliance with terms and conditions.

Suspension of Accounts

If the customer’s account is overdue, we reserve the right to suspend their service until any past due amounts are paid in full. This does not include any payments being withheld as the result of a reasonable dispute that is made in good faith. 

Rights of Ownership

Inscribe.live agrees that the customer obtains all rights to any content upon delivery of that content. Any moral right to that content is waived by both Inscribe.live, and content creators.

Rights to The Service

Inscribe.live reserves all rights, interests, and titles in and of the service. This includes associated IP rights. Users and customers have permission to access the service, and review information needed. However, they may not transmit, reproduce, display in public, transmit, sell, alter, or create derivative works from any content for which they have not been granted ownership.


The customer shall not (nor allow a third party to) modify, reverse engineer, decompile, or create derivative works except when they are permitted by law or agreement. This includes changes made to circumvent restrictions, remove copyright notices, or obscure watermarks. It also includes accessing the service with the purpose of copying ideas, scraping or mirroring content, or otherwise gaining access to the service in order to create a similar, competing product. Content may not be used in excerpts on external sites without permission, even when it has been cited.

Customer Data

The customer is the exclusive owner of the rights, interest, title, etc. of their customer data. This customer data is declared to be the customer’s confidential data per this agreement. Inscribe.live will not access the customer’s accounts except to repair or examine any service or maintenance concerns. We may also access it at the customer’s request should, or as needed for operational or billing purposes. The customer grants Inscribe.live a license that is non exclusive and non transferrable, worldwide, fully-paid license for the term of the agreement plus thirty days to use and exploit customer data as needed to provide the service. This includes the right to copy customer data for creating anonymized, aggregate data sets for statistical analysis. We retain rights to that aggregated data and derived information.


Inscribe.live reserves the right to incorporate any suggestions, recommendations, feedback, or enhancement requests into its products or services. This condition is applicable globally, and under this agreement, we shall pay no royalties, and reserve rights to transfer or sublicense any products or services created as a result.


Confidential information refers to all proprietary or confidential information owned by one party (disclosure) and transmitted to a second partner (receiver). It includes any information delivered verbally or in written form that has been deemed confidential, or that should be reasonably understood to be confidential information due to the information itself, or the circumstances under which it was disclosed. This includes customer data, data about the service, the agreement between the customer and the service, technical plans and diagrams, business processes and procedures, product and service designs and descriptions, etc. Confidential information is not any information that becomes available to the public without violating any agreement with the disclosure.


The receiver shall not use or disseminate any confidential information for any reason other than what is within the terms of the agreement unless the disclosure provides written permission.


Both the receiver and the discloser agree to protect the security of any confidential information owned by the other, with the same diligence with which they protect their own. This assumes the use of reasonable care.


If the receiver is compelled by a legal order to disclose confidential information, they will provide notice to the discloser before doing so. They also agree to assist, reasonably and at the cost of the discloser to assist in any efforts to contest any legal order for disclosure.


If the receiver uses, discloses, or otherwise breaches any confidentiality agreement, the discloser has the right to seek any remedies available to them.

Disclaimers And Warranties

Each party fully warrants that they are legally entitled to be obligated under this agreement.


Inscribe.live provides no warranties, guarantees, conditions, or representations except for those which are explicitly described in this document. This includes those that may be implied. We further disclaim any warranties relating to the accuracy, quality, or completeness of any content or a portion of content that is contained on Inscribe.live. We also disclaim any warranties relating to availability of the service, viruses, or other harmful objects.


Based on the terms and conditions of this agreement, the customer agrees to defend Inscribe.live at its expense in the event that legal action is taken against us, our affiliates, employees, or other association by any third party that alleges that we have misappropriated or misused any information or intellectual property, or that they have been otherwise injured. Further, if the customer enters into a settlement that includes fines, fees, restitution, payment of losses, or damages that they will not obligate Inscribe.live to assist them in meeting those settlement obligations. Further, they agree to notify Inscribe.live in writing immediately upon becoming aware of any claim. As part of this agreement, Inscribe.live agrees to allow the customer to retain sole control of the defense process, and will fully cooperate in that defense or the settlement of claims. Finally, we will not settle any legal claims that involve a customer without their express consent.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall any liability that occurs as the result of this agreement exceed the amount actually paid or due by the customer, and shall not exceed 500 dollars, whichever is less. Any liabilities due on the part of the customer will be paid and due within two months of the incident that created the liability.

Exclusion of Consequential or Associated Damages

Neither party to this agreement will be liable for any indirect, or other damages such as loss of profits, loss of business, loss of data, This is true whether or not any party was warned or advised of the potential for that loss.

There are certain damages that are not excluded from these terms. For example there's no limitation of liability for damages arising from one or both parties’ breach of the confidentiality agreement. There is also no limitation of liability for copyright infringement or other misuses of intellectual property. Claims for non-payment are also not limited by this agreement.


Every release or exemption from liability, waiver or immunity of any kind that is outlined in this document also applies to any of their employees, subcontractors, vendors, agents, affiliates, or licensors. However, this limitation is only based on any action performed as a direct representative or agent acting on behalf of the customer.