Calling All Freelance Writers and Editors


Inscribe.live is always on the lookout for highly skilled professionals to join our team. If you are interested, we have the following openings at the moment. 

Content Editor

If you have amazing grammar and composition skills and attention to detail, this could be the position for you. We are looking for individuals with a perfect command of the English language, who love pouring over content, word by word and sentence by sentence, to find structural, grammatical, and mechanical errors, as well as to evaluate the general flow, fluency, and coherency. You will be in a position to either recommend changes or actually correct and/or re-write portions of content that do not meet the standards of good English.

General Job Description:

You will be responsible for editing and proofreading content that clients submit to us for review, along with content that has been created by our own team members, before it is delivered to a client. We want our content editors to be always mindful of the brand voice being portrayed and to ensure that that voice is consistent throughout any piece of content and any re-writing that is done.

Specific duties are as follows:

  • Proofread for perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation

  • Check factual information included in the content – stats, dates, etc.

  • Review content for style, tone, readability, and ease of read for a client’s recipients

  • Re-write text to enhance quality and readability

  • Make recommendations for revisions to both clients and fellow team members.

You are a great fit if:

  • You are a grammar Nazi (well, maybe not a Nazi, but at least a member of the “grammar police”)

  • You can independently manage time and meet deadlines

  • You can be diplomatic when you correct mistakes and make recommendations to others

  • You have full command of Microsoft Word

  • You love detail work

  • You can work without close supervision

See the application process, employment terms, and benefits at the bottom of this page.

Content Writer

If you are a creative, skilled, and experienced content writer, take a look at this opening.

General Description:

Content writers for Inscribe.live use their creative abilities to produce a wide variety of written products for client marketing campaigns. Writing may include anything from website content, blog and social media posts, specific email and other campaigns, all the way up to e-books, white papers, case studies, and more. Each type of content involves a unique style, but throughout all of the various types, the brand voice must be consistent. This position will also require good communication skills and the ability to be a good listener as clients express their needs and wants. In many instances, skills in diplomacy will be needed.

Specific duties include:

  • Research and write compelling content based on client orders

  • Communicate with clients during the production process to ensure that they are happy with production benchmarks

  • Deliver content by set deadlines

  • Revise content as clients request

  • Generate topics for additional content and recommend them for client approval

You are a great fit if:

  • You have experience with creative content writing in specific industries and/or of specific types

  • You love devising unique ways of educating, entertaining, and inspiring current and potential customers, based upon the determined consumer demographics

  • You enjoy working directly with clients and can establish good rapport in a short period of time

  • You are willing to attend virtual meetings with some amazing other writers and editors in a collaborative environment – we are all one great team.

  • You have a bachelor’s degree in a related field or comparable experience in content writing for specific industries or of specific types

  • You understand SEO and have experience incorporating such in content you produce

  • 1 – 3 years verifiable experience in successful content writing

  • Can work with little supervision and meet deadlines

See the application process, employment terms, and benefits at the bottom of this page.

SaaS/B2B Tech Writer

If you are an experienced content writer for B2B clients and have a solid understanding of tech-related topics (SaaS, cloud computing, data science, AI, ML, etc.), then you will want to consider our position opening.

General Description:

This position involves content writing for our B2B clients who offer tech-related products and services to other businesses and organizations. Some of the sectors include finance, technology, health care, government, and even education. In addition to a good understanding of tech products and services, you will need exceptional content writing skills that can clearly and simply explain such to a client’s target audience that may not be tech-savvy. At the same time, you will need to make that content compelling and engaging for that audience.

Specific duties include:

  • Conduct research and create web-based content, in accordance with client instructions and deadlines

  • Attend virtual meetings with clients, managers, and other team members

  • Keep clients informed of progress, especially when content orders are long or complex

  • Identify and present new content topics to clients based upon research results for their industries

You are a great fit if:

  • You have 1-3 years of experience writing tech content for marketing purposes

  • You hold a BA degree in a related field – Marketing, Journalism, etc. (or comparable experience)

  • You Understand SEO principles and concepts

  • You have solid time management skills

  • You are able to work on your own with little supervision

  • You enjoy collaborating with other team members as content is produced (e.g., media creatives)

See application process, employment terms, and benefits at the bottom of this page.

Application, Employment Terms and Benefits

To apply for any of these positions, submit your resume or CV directly to Inscribe.live. Contact our customer support department for details of submission. 

Terms of Employment

Employment is on a contractual basis, with a legally binding agreement.


  • Work from anywhere on your own schedule, so long as you meet deadlines

  • Steady flow of work

  • Fast-paced, fun environment with lots of collaboration

  • 24/7 Support