Article Rewriting Service – Why Businesses (and Others) Need It

Article Rewriting Service – Why Businesses (and Others) Need It

The Internet. It’s where a huge number of people hang out – about 5 billion, actually. And the Internet is where they get their news, their entertainment, and their inspiration. One major use for consumers is information about products or services they are considering for purchase. And for this reason, almost every business that sells a product or service has an Internet presence. The goal is to attract and engage consumers, through what we now call content.

What is Content?

To attract their target audiences, businesses create text, visuals, videos, etc. that they hope will engage readers/viewers. They place this content all over the Internet, including:

  • Their websites

  • Their blogs

  • Their social media platforms

  • Their email marketing campaigns

  • Their newsletters

  • Their direct advertising

The goal, of course, is to grow – make sales, and increase revenue.

Over time, though, the content that has been published falls out of favor with consumers. Why? Because what appeals and attracts is forever evolving.

As this happens, it is time for content re-writes. 

Why Re-Write Article Content?

Articles are primarily published on company blogs, although website page content should be considered too. You may be asking why re-writing is necessary. Here are five reasons why:

  1. SEO Algorithms Change Constantly: Several years ago, getting on the first page of a Google search was based on how many keywords a content writer could “stuff” into an article – the more, the better. This is no longer the case. Indexing and ranking articles is now a far more sophisticated process, based upon popularity, uniqueness of content, high-quality backlinks, long-tail keyword phrases, and such. Older content will not meet these new “rules,” and, in fact, a site may be “punished” for what is now considered “bad behavior.”
  2. Content Itself is Outdated: Consumers access content for informational purposes. If your content is out of date, those consumers see you as irrelevant. They will go elsewhere, and you have lost them forever. The topic of an article may be current and relevant. But if the information in it is not, it must be re-written.
  3. Content is Boring: A lot of older content was not written for today’s smarter consumer. It tries to sell rather than influence and provide value. Today, the focus must be on the consumer, his wants and needs, rather than on the company. And, consumers do not want to read walls of text – they want articles that are broken up by subheadings, bullet points, visuals, and content that is presented with creativity, enthusiasm, and value. The topic of an article may still be relevant, but if the presentation is bad, no one will read it.
  4. Content is Too Sophisticated: Consumers will not read an article that is filled with “big words” and complex sentence structures. That is stuff for academic writing. Consumers are busy and have no time to try to grasp meaning from an article that is too sophisticated in presentation. A good “rule” is to create content that is at the 7th-8th grade reading level, with short simple sentences, and an economy of words. Again, the topic may still be current and highly relevant, but it must be re-written with today’s consumers in mind.
  5. Content is Not Mobile Friendly: Consumers use their mobile devices more than their PCs today. They want short pieces of text and lots of visuals and media. And we also know that consumers process visuals and media about 60,000 times faster than the written word. They also retain visual and media-based information longer. Article re-writes that honor those consumer needs will be instantly more popular.

Article Re-Writing Can be an Arduous Process

Unless the business is a large enterprise, there will not be an expert in-house staff to pour through website and article content and perform the re-writing that is required. For this reason, many small-to-mid-sized businesses outsource this activity to an article re-writing service. 

These experts can take old, outdated, boring content and give it an entirely new and fresh look and presentation. They make use of the latest data science to gain an understanding of the target audience, what is valuable to them, and what will attract and engage them. And they understand the latest Google algorithms that will get that new article indexed and ranked well.

Who Else May Need an Article Re-Writing Service?

Students, that’s who. Lots of students become overwhelmed with the number of writing assignments they receive. There is always the temptation to go online and try to find an essay or paper that meets the instructor’s guidelines and that they can use with a simple re-write. 

This is risky business. A plagiarism charge can be serious. And so, they turn to an article re-writing service to take that essay or paper and re-write it into an original, plagiarism-free piece that they can confidently submit. Problem solved!

Take Advantage of the Expertise Out There

Whether you are a business or a student, there is re-writing help out there. It’s not that expensive, and it can make a huge difference in providing that competitive edge (or getting that good grade) that you need. Turning articles and other content over to the experts for a great re-write takes a huge burden from you.