10 Best Websites for Writers in 2021

10 Best Websites for Writers in 2021

We know that there are fashion websites, great resources for those who love sports, and video game communities among other things. But what about the best websites for writers or those who work as freelancers for the creation of the most inspiring content? It appears that there are numerous resources that range from helpful podcasts to writing competitions, and campaigns that help people write better. Looking through the list of top websites will help you stay motivated and learn as you become a better person and professional. 

The 10 Best Websites For Writers in 2021 

1. Freelance to Freedom 

If you want to find informative articles and learn how to become a freelance writer in the business sector, it is one of those great newsletter options that you must start with. It focuses on becoming a successful freelancer. 

2. Copyblogger

Anything from blogging tips to online marketing can be found here. It contains various tools and information that you should start with if you want to learn more about being a blogger and staying unique. It has free e-books and you don’t have to pay to become a member of the community. 

3. Black Freelance 

Well, being an African American in freelance business is not easy even in 2021, which is why this website helps people of color feel to find the best tips for becoming a better writer. It is a great place where you can learn about being creative as a writer and build a network. 

4. Make a Living Writing

This resource explains how to become successful as a writer. Regardless of your writing skills, you will definitely find something interesting. It is one of the best and friendliest communities online where writers can get help and share ideas. 

5. Wanderful World

You can learn from the great e-book that is over eighty pages long, composed by your fellow writer who has learned a lot by being a freelance writer. It explains various challenges of being a writer and helps to relieve the stress when things just do not go right. 


6. Content Marketing Institute

It provides various guides and interviews with famous marketing experts and professional writers in the industry. It also explains social media approaches and the changes that have been implemented by the technology. If you want to learn how to promote your written content, it is the place to check. 

7. Positive Writer 

If Bryan Hutchinson’s personality says something to you, you will love this website. Even if you do not know Bryan, it is high time to learn about this great person who will tell you about the true love of writing as you learn how to boost your creative writing skills. 

8. Funds for Writers 

This writers’ newsletter has been around for over two decades, and you might already know about this community. It has great campaigns, competitions, jobs, freelance writing tasks, and publishing contacts. It’s one of the best communities to join. 

9. How Do You Write 

If you are into Podcasts for writers or people who simply love writing, check this highly motivational option. It is one of those podcasts that will keep you inspired even if you are feeling down. 

10. Career Authors

It’s a great resource for authors who want to get their works published. It has guides, helpful articles, contacts, and blog posts that are posted daily. If you always wanted to know what a promoter does, but plan to do things alone, this is the right place. Read various tips and make new friends. 

Find Your Inner Writer 

Since we have a plethora of writing websites, resources for bloggers, tips for marketing specialists, and scholarships for poets, it is essential to find out what kind of writing you do or what you would like to learn. Depending on content writer types, you should focus on your weak spots and learn from the best in the industry. It will also help you to apply various editing options and even those methods that you have not tried before. Leave your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and never be afraid to write as it is what makes you a better writer!