How Much Should People Pay For Website Copywriting In 2021?

How Much Should People Pay For Website Copywriting In 2021?

Copywriting is always challenging because it’s not only creative work per se but also a technical aspect where a skilled expert must meet all basic SEO rules that will help your website or a social media platform range correctly. While some companies charge way more than the rest, there are certain qualities that you must explore before you feel ready to make a payment and cooperate. 

How Much Should I Pay For Website Copywriting Tasks In 2021? 

Your final price will always depend on what kind of copywriting you require. Here are some approximate prices and options: 


According to experts at, the most important thing is to research your target audience and consider the length of your posts. An average expert will take about 3-4 hours for copywriting tasks that are around 1,200-1,500 words. It will range from $275 to $420 per such post. 

Social Media

This type of copywriting assistance will take about eight hours or even more, depending on the popularity of your subject and social media platform. An average price ranges between $50 and $90 per hour. It also includes the management and creation of social media accounts if there are none. Multilingual support will cost more. 


The creation of infographics belongs to more expensive copywriting aspects that will start at $300 for an average graph. It can go up to $500 for some not-so-common subjects. It might take an expert about two hours if there are minor changes required or about ten hours if certain re-design factors are involved. If you want to decrease your price, consider providing good templates as it will decrease the final cost. 

Video/Audio Content

Multimedia content copywriting is one of the most expensive services in 2021 since interactive elements require an additional originality layer. For example, if you have a ten minutes video, it may be around $1,200 with all the editing and voice-over work involved. Twenty minutes instructional video may take up to three days and cost you around $4,000.



It will require even more creativity because you need a person who is certified to act as a writer. It might take about 50 hours or might be faster, depending on what subject is offered. An e-book that has around 4,000 words may end up with a $500 price tag, while 6,000 words of something technical with formatting may go up to $1,500. 

White Papers

In simple terms, a white paper is a special report that provides specific data or recommendations. It has a purpose to inform, which is why it is not written as marketing content. It costs a bit more by starting at $5,000 for a 3,000-word white paper document. Looking for an expert in this area, consider testimonials and examples. 

SEO Adjustment

Google Analytics and AdWords management or Facebook/Instagram account adjustment will start at $75 per hour. Such kind of assistance will require at least ten hours per week, which will be enough to provide you with a good starting point. At the same time, you can control Google's services by analyzing various reports, which will decrease the final price. 

Research Work

It usually includes case study work and rewriting to avoid plagiarism as one creates secondary sources. It can take up to 12 hours on average. The prices in this industry start at $1,000 for 800 words, yet it will always depend on the number of sources and research methodology required. 

Why Is Copywriting Important? 

You may always update your website or a blog with new information, yet it might not work for you if your information looks almost the same. For example, dealing with an event that has taken place or describing an exhibition, you must provide unique content and avoid plagiarism. It will help the search engine algorithms see your content as original, which will let you achieve better positions based on specific keywords. Another important factor that you must address is accuracy, professional writing, grammar, formatting, and style. It will help you to avoid the most common writing mistakes and let your customers see your professional attitude.