The Best Ways to Get Copywriting Work With Agencies

The Best Ways to Get Copywriting Work With Agencies

Getting employed with respected agencies as a copywriter these days is quite challenging because of competition and the necessity of prior experience. Even if you have cooperated with some company in the past, you still have to work hard to know how this industry works or what factors set a skilled copywriter apart. Things instantly get more complex if you have no past experience and are only starting out. The problem here is that large agencies often do not have the resources or time to train additional staff. Nevertheless, if you are persistent and have an impressive resume, your chances of getting employed will increase. 

The Tips to Get Copywriting Job With Agencies 

Present Your Existing Experience

It does not matter if you have only done three copywriting tasks because the trick is to present them correctly and advertise what you can do. Talk about how your efforts have helped the clients and what has been done differently. If you can ask for testimonials, present them as well as you are looking for a job. If you did things right, you may even have a recommendation letter. Another aspect that must be mentioned is avoiding any talk about what you cannot do or things that you still have to learn. It should be a part of what you must explore but avoid mentioning it as you are looking for employment with an agency. 

Build a Professional Portfolio

As a copywriter, you should have both online and printed resumes. If possible, keep them available at LinkedIn and Facebook because this is where the majority of job deals are being made. You should have a short summary of your skills and a long resume where you include testimonials and provide more information about your copywriting methods. Depending on what you are asked to provide, you should have several CV files that may fit a certain employment situation better. When you are working on your social media profile, keep it accurate and clear. 


Gain Professional Experience

Even if you may think that you know it all, learn about what does a copywriter do, and see how your skills can be improved. Attend online webinars, become a member of business conferences, explore how SEO tools work, and follow individuals who have due experience in copywriting. If you need help, join basic online courses and see how you can get better as a professional. 

Learn About Existing Agencies

If you want to get a job, learn about every agency that comes your way. Research their clients, see what makes them different, explore current work methods, and see what might be their drawbacks. If you can offer something that will help them, like being a multilingual copywriter, mention it right away. Remember that far not every agency is good for work, which is why you should see if your copywriting methods will fit in and read reviews of those people who are already employed at websites like Glassdoor. 

Work On Your Writing Skills

Most importantly, address your grammar skills, punctuation, style, and accuracy. It’s exactly what makes a good copywriter. Read as much as you can, research information on a topic that you have, and learn how to combine good content with keywords and SEO tools. It is not always easy and may take time, yet it always pays off as some skills become automatic. Train yourself by proofreading and editing, writing short essays, and participating in various campaigns where you have to challenge your skills. 

Present Your Skills Correctly

The majority of people these days that are looking for copywriting employment will not differ much if they do not have something unique to offer like client testimonials and examples of past works. Even if you have a limited set of samples, you should focus on the communication aspect for your work interviews. Share your business cards, create a clear website that lists information about your skills and business profile, work on your social media pages, create a brand with a logo, and show confidence as you talk. If you know how to get your message across and sound professional, it will help you get the job.