The Wide Range of Content Writer Types – Which Do You Need?

The Wide Range of Content Writer Types – Which Do You Need?

No business is without an online presence today, if only with a website and directions to its establishment. 

But most companies have gone far beyond a website, especially if they want to be competitive in their niche. They have a blog, social media accounts, use email, text messaging, and other digital marketing and advertising tactics.

All of this web-based presence requires creating content – text, visuals, graphics, videos, and more. And unless a company is large enough to have an in-house staff to produce all of this content, it will be looking to outsource most of it. 

The question then becomes: Exactly what types of content writers do you need? In today’s world of digital marketing, there are actually specialists for all content types.

Here is a list of those content specialists and what they can produce for a business. Read through and think about which ones will fit your needs before you begin to seek those that will be a fit for you. Keep in mind that your goal is to promote your brand to current and potential customers, and ultimately to generate sales.

  1. SEO Content Writer

    Search engine optimization has become almost a science today. Google has the technology to comb through all business content and look for the greatest value to readers. SEO specialists understand how to create content that search engines like Google will rank well. The goal is to have content appear on the first page of Google search results, and these writers know how to insert the right keywords and produce meta titles and descriptions that will attract a search engine. 

  2. Social Media Content Writers

    There are almost 4 billion people on social media platforms today. And they use social media for more purposes than connecting with family and friends. Businesses now use it to connect with current and potential customers through creative and compelling content, which is visual in nature. A social media writer must be creative, understand your audience demographics, choose the right platforms for you to reach that audience, and use a style and tone that will attract and gain a following.

  3. Blog Content Writer

    Blogs are critical for businesses. Through a blog, a company provides valuable information, entertainment, inspiration and establishes a brand as an authority. And search engines like to see unique and valuable content so that they can index and rank it. Therefore, a blog writer must be creative and willing to put in time and effort to craft amazing content that will increase following and, ultimately, customers.

  4. Copywriter

    Copywriters provide content for company websites. That copy must be compelling and persuasive so that visitors stay, return, and ultimately make a purchase. This content must sell by providing value to consumers, by great storytelling, and by avoiding any “hard sell” tactics. 

  5. Email/Newsletter Writer

    This type of writing promotes a brand and often offers special sales and discounts, introduces new products. While email campaigns are highly automated today, the subject lines and content must be engaging and compelling. A great email content writer can add up to great sales returns.

  6. Press Release and News Features Writer

    This writing requires a skilled journalist, so that publication editors will want to publish the content. This allows a business to get a wider range of readerships and generate interest. A good journalist will create amazing headlines, lots of human-interest content and ensure that the entire piece is read. You need this type of writer if you have new products or services to offer, or have important business news to spread.

  7. Long Form Writers

    MacBook Pro near white open book


    You may want to offer e-books, white papers, reports, case studies, and such, as downloads to your visitors. These pieces can establish your credibility and authority. There is usually lots of research involved, and content can often be more formal than other types.

  8. Technical Writers

    If you have instruction and assembly manuals that need to accompany your products, then you need a writer who can be clear, concise, and provide plenty of attention to detail.

  9. Video Content Script Writers

    This has become a more important writing type, as businesses attempt to reach busy consumers, often on the go and on their mobile devices. These consumers prefer video to text. Addressing the known needs of these viewers and showing how your product or service can provide a solution calls for creative scripts to accompany visual content.

Choosing Writers Based Upon Your Needs

As you develop your marketing campaigns, you will need a variety of content writing. Your needs will change as often as your campaigns do. For each campaign or strategy, choose the type of writer you will need. Some will be longer-term, such as social media, blogs, and email writers. Others will be for a single purpose – a press release, a script, or an e-book, for example. Your job is to find the best writer of each type when you need them.